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A look back, and then forward

Updated: Jan 10

This year, I decided to take the time to look back and identify what I learned. Then what’s next and forward. From this practice, I hope I can learn from the past and make life better for the future.

I'd call 2018 The year of discovering values, risk taking, and adapting.

Early this year, I watched the documentary Food Choices, and was exposed to all the facts of how much suffering and pain we can cause to other animals, the most innocent sentient beings on this planet. I also learned that we, human, don't have to consume any animal products to be healthy and thrive. I stopped eating animals, followed the plant-based diet and changed my lifestyle to become vegan, after almost 30 years thinking eating animals is normal. About me going vegan, I also want to mention that I'm grateful for my family and friends for their understanding and support. My dad and mom cut down meat consumption, and make sure there is something I can eat on the table. My friends are willing to go with me to vegan places and even take me to vegan restaurants. Without their awesomeness, my journey will be much harder.

I developed a passion for sustainable living, organic farming, minimalism and tiny houses.

I met my cat, Alex. I wrote about her in this post.

I started my website, Green Schug.

I quit my job overseas and returned to Vietnam.

I spent time to reconnect with my family.

I travelled for 10 days with my younger brother.

I self-managed and worked towards my dream market garden. In a short period, I learned that things were more complicated.

I decided to slow down and returned to office work.

Now, at this moment, while I'm sitting comfortably in my room, writing this essay and thinking “so what did I learn and how can I make my life better?”

Two things.

First, mindfulness. I want to spend more time for meditation. Recently, after I discovered how meditation has helped me to become calmer, I love practising it. I just need to do it more.

Second, express gratitude. I should do this daily.

So, what's next? 2019 is almost here. Happy New Year.

I'm thankful you read my stuff.

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