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Alex, the cat

Updated: Jan 6

Friday, December 8 2017

Late at night, I was getting back home, when I met a little cat. She was skinny, dirty, and looked hungry. I bent down to say hello and give her a pat on her little head. She seemed to like it. A few minutes later, I realised that I needed to get up and go home. I had to travel the next morning and didn't have anything packed yet. I got up, said goodbye and started to walk away. Surprisingly, the lovely cat run over to follow me. I had to stop and sit down with her. This time, I let her sit on my lap and started to talk to her, using a voice we would use to talk with a three years old, that I had to go and hoped that she would stop following me. I got up again and walked away and she was still running and following me. Somewhat to my surprise, the cat, later named Alex, followed me inside my apartment, and was exploring the house. I fed her a whole bowl of chicken and she finished it all, and while I was cleaning the bowl, Alex was sleeping in my bed.

I looked at Alex and wasn't sure if I could take care of her. She looked like a stray to me. The next morning, I reluctantly decided to send her to a shelter nearby my place, hoping someone will give her a home.

While I was away for traveling, I talked to almost everyone I know about the cat, and how she was following me. And soon I felt bad about my decision leaving her at the shelter. I love her. How could I left such a loving cat.

After returning from the trip, I went back to the shelter right away to look for Alex. The moment I saw the staff at the shelter brought out Alex, scared and confused, I decided to do whatever it took to keep Alex, and officially adopted her.

It's now been 4 months since Alex followed me home. She loves meeting new people and is a little tiger, full of energy (too much sometimes).

Thank you Alex. You're one of the best things that has happened to me.

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