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Green Kapas Island

Updated: Jan 10

19-22 April

I was waiting for the monsoon season to end, normally during March in Peninsular, Malaysia. This year, April arrived, and the weather forecast still showed 'raining' almost every day.

Mid-April, it was getting better. My friend and I decided to go to Kapas island in Kuala Terengganu, for a short escape from the city. We left Thursday, and planning to return on Sunday.

I was in love with the island right away. We were greeted by a handsome tom cat at the island's jetty.

We left the jetty and headed right to look for a place called Captain's Long House, a beachfront house. We left our bags at the house and went out. The weather was too good to come in. The beach was lovely, fine sand and clear water. At night, it was so comfortable to sit down, enjoying the ocean breeze and looking up the sky.

On the second day at the island, I told my friend that I had a special feeling about the island- its green spirit. There was a solar power station on the island, which provided electricity 24 hours a day. Most places didn't give out straws when they served drinks (straws, like any other plastic, confuse marine lives. Turtles often mistake plastic for jellyfish, and they often choke and die from not being able to digest the plastic). And I saw recycling campaigns in many places we went. After returning, I did some more research about the island and found this website The website idea was about "the fight to keep Kapas naturally beautiful as it was, is and should forever be". It was a remarkable idea and I hope it will continue.

What else? We left back to the mainland on the third day. It was a pleasure to have hot shower again. We explored the area a little bit before returning back to KL.

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